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Top 10 Connected Car Solution Companies - 2019

Today, the emergence of innovative tech-based solutions is changing the way individuals perform day-to-day personal and professional tasks. One of the prime examples of the impacts of technological disruption is the automotive industry. With the implementation of automotive IoT, companies in the automotive sector are now developing cars that are equipped with sensors and cameras that can share data via cloud channels. And, with the endless potential of connected cars to provide real-time location tracking, autonomous driving, and more, vehicle-centric IoT is changing the way individuals use their vehicles. To address this meteoric rise in the demand for connected automobiles, top automotive companies are collaborating with leading-edge connected car solution providers to help them maximize the efficiency of their products and revolutionize the way users drive and stay in touch with the world at the same time.

Delving deeper, with state-of-the-art connected car solutions, automotive firms can efficiently implement next-gen telematics control units (TCUs) and infotainment systems that allow drivers to connect various streaming service onto the car’s dashboard. In addition, connected car solutions also enable the utilization of advanced navigation systems that prompt users to make better decisions about their upcoming trips by offering data on weather conditions, real-time traffic, and recommending best routes to a destination. Other applications include the incorporation of predictive analysis to help individuals maximize fuel and cost efficiency by offering timely notifications on maintenance requirements. 

Looking ahead, the applications of connected car solutions are only going to expand further by allowing efficient car-to-car communication services to minimize accidents and optimize traffic flow and parking systems. Further, with the gradual rise in the use of electronic cars, the possibility of using an entire network of charging stations for electric vehicles with an integrated and automated billing system is not a far-fetched future anymore. On the same lines, connected car solutions will also enable the production of cars that are capable of understanding behavior of its driver, including the level of fatigue, emotional stress, and attention, to provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

To help automotive businesses in selecting promising connected car solutions and services, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with Auto Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering pioneering technology solutions and services in the automotive industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business processes.

We present to you Auto Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Connected Car Solution Providers – 2019”  

    Top Connected Car Solution Companies

  • Broadcom is a leading provider of automotive semiconductor solutions addressing a in-vehicle connectivity and networking, optical isolation and sensing, wireless communications, and LED lighting

  • The company is an Austrian manufacturer of precision Test & Measurement systems designed to help their customers make the world more predictable, efficient and safe

  • ADAS software providing superior driving assistance through visual information processed by AI and deeplearning models

  • Abalta Technologies

    Abalta Technologies

    Abalta Technologies is a Connected Car solution provider that is also a global leader in automotive grade software design and development

  • Airbiquity


    Develops new software technology and builds and deploys connected vehicle programs

  • Autotalks


    Provides global V2X communications solutions that help reduce collisions on roadways and improve mobility with its automotive qualified chipsets

  • CarVi


    Creates affordable and versatile products that ensure safety in connected vehicles and aid in driver improvement by identifying weak points

  • Commsignia


    Specializes in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) including Vehicle- To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies

  • Cubic Telecom

    Cubic Telecom

    Provides an automotive end-to-end solution offering a massive business opportunity for automakers to create profitable business models through in-car connectivity

  • Danlaw


    specializes in end-to-end telematics solutions, V2X technology, embedded systems development, vehicle network communications, and automotive electronics

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