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Ronen Gabbay, Founder and CEO, TrekAce TechnologiesRonen Gabbay, Founder and CEO
It is the year 2054, and the world is a different place than what it is now. Autonomous flying cars are gliding smoothly in the sky without the need for traffic lights to control them. Against this backdrop of skyscrapers and aerial roadways, Steven Spielberg gives us a glimpse of what the future might hold through his movie, Minority Report (2002). It makes us wonder if the future envisioned in this sci-fi film is within the realm of possibility. However, this goal is not too far-fetched for TrekAce Technologies—a pioneer of non-GPS navigation—that has set out to power the next stage of evolution for the automotive sector with its field-proven and algorithm-driven situational awareness solution for autonomous vehicles.

The company specializes in the development of navigation and communication technology for the automotive industry. Its groundbreaking innovation has resulted in patented solutions: GPS/non-GPS navigation, 3D mapping, and wearable TACTILE monitor. “Our products are designed to enhance user performance and help automotive companies in strengthening the navigation and communication capabilities of their vehicles,” says Ronen Gabbay, founder and CEO of TrekAce.

Gabbay explains that when it comes to accurate navigation, GPS is unreliable for several reasons. While GPS has a strong reliance on signal reception from satellites, it is also restricted for defense purposes. Moreover, government agencies hold power to block GPS signals if the need arises.
Even though automotive companies are turning to alternative approaches amid these bottlenecks, the most advanced solutions leveraged by autonomous vehicles today tend to offset the perceived location of the neighboring vehicles by several feet. It could cause the vehicle to either stop in the middle of the traffic for no reason or veer too close to other vehicles. And despite several upgrades having been proposed to address this setback, they cannot guarantee long-term resolution. So far so, these upgrades will potentially cost trillions of dollars on a global level, which is not practical for automotive companies.

To overcome this challenge, TrekAce developed an algorithm that could deliver higher accuracy than GPS. Also, the algorithm-based navigation technology delivered by the company is not dependent on third-party systems such as satellites and routers. Gabbay is confident that the potential of TrekAce’s technology in the autonomous vehicle landscape is quite promising.

Apart from the automotive sector, TrekAce’s situational-awareness technology also lends its helping hand for outdoor sports and defense agencies. The users can overcome their inability to navigate organically by utilizing TrekAce’s ergonomic wearable tactile robotic sleeve, TrekAce Core. The sleeve can be used to translate visual and sound data into an intuitive tactile language using pulsations and vibrations. This robust channel of message reception reduces a user’s cognitive overload and helps them coordinate with their surroundings more effectively. Special Forces are currently using this technology all over the world to enhance their navigational abilities in intensive conditions.

Such exhibited capabilities have already made TrekAce Technologies one of the most sought after navigation solution providers among organizations across the world. For instance, a car manufacturer in Europe needed a solution to overcome a few challenges in their shipping process. They needed to automate the last-mile logistics process from the factory, and for this, they needed to facilitate the accurate locations of their vehicles. Since they could not depend on GPS, they turned to TrekAce Technologies. The situational awareness solution of TrekAce enabled the manufacturer to achieve accurate positioning of the vehicles from the manufacturing line until its delivery.

These use cases, nonetheless, barely scratch the surface of what TrekAce has to offer. As a growth engine for clients in the automotive and defense space, the unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the company is steering them ahead of its competitors. Powered by unprecedented versatility in the navigation and communication space, TrekAce is now trying to expand its solutions to the American market. Simultaneously, it is enhancing the capabilities of autonomous vehicles by fostering collaborations with leading manufacturing companies. In the coming years, there is no doubt that TrekAce will cement itself as a critical provider of navigational and communication solutions for the autonomous vehicle sector.
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TrekAce Technologies

Kfar Saba, Israel

Ronen Gabbay, Founder and CEO

TrekAce Technologies delivers groundbreaking navigation, communication, and situational-awareness innovations that excel where others fail. The patented solutions of TrekAce include GPS/non-GPS navigation, situation awareness, 3D mapping, communication applications, and a revolutionary wearable TACTILE monitor. These solutions are designed to enhance user performance and enable them to thrive in any given situation or context, no matter how intense it may be. TrekAce supports users where they need it most, allowing them to tackle the most demanding verticals, including automotive, autonomous, outdoor sports, and defense industries.

TrekAce Technologies

"The algorithm-based navigation technology delivered by the company is not dependent on third-party systems such as satellites and routers"

- Ronen Gabbay, Founder and CEO

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