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Xavi Buscalla, CEO, Opentrends Xavi Buscalla, CEO
Imagine a future where vehicles can digitally communicate with other cars, parking lots, or even street lights. While driving to a shopping mall, one could know if their parking lot has free space beforehand, or when cruising through a highway, a driver can get real-time alerts on the car’s display monitor if there has been an accident ahead. This would not only save the time of the driver but also ensure a more engaging driving experience. Seems far-fetched? With Opentrends, a digital consultancy services company, and a maven in the IoT space, these futuristic ideas are possible today.

Today, as IoT and artificial intelligence continue to make waves across the automotive industry, Opentrends is well-aware that the next generation of connected vehicles is going to be measured based on its tenets of road safety, sustainability, and user experience. The modern-day car manufacturers, therefore, need to implement the highest level of mobility and connectivity. According to the CEO of the company, Xavi Buscalla, a car must become a channel that connects the ‘user’ with its ‘context.’ However, as Buscalla notes, the execution of such ambitious plans are often troublesome and lengthy. This is because the car designers and producers hit the backseat when it comes to having the necessary knowledge of these latest technologies, considering these innovations are relatively new. And, this is where Opentrends cements its cornerstone, helping such car manufacturers strategize and ensure the right technological solutions required to create an optimum user driving experience. “We specialize in connecting design and technology with digital strategy,” says Buscalla.

The company delivers its expertise to the car manufacturers in the domains of designing, developing, and producing technology solutions in-the-car and into-the-car along with post-sales services, infotainment systems, UI and UX, and all the other aspects of artificial intelligence and telematics integrated within the design. Opentrends utilizes an agile approach to collaborate with industry experts, clients, and other stakeholders in defining the best digital strategies for specific situations.
The dexterity of Opentrends in the development of next-generation cars is a direct result of the diverse knowledge base of its workforce. Combining the deep expertise of the designing and engineering teams situated in Barcelona with strong software technology acumen hailed from India, Opentrends offers a blend of local and remote teams to serve its customers at a competitive price point.

However, it is important to note that the benefits of the Opentrends solution transcends the confines of the car manufacturing factory floor and leaves its mark on the overall automotive landscape. For instance, today, car sharing organizations are increasingly becoming more commonplace, and these companies are vying to overtake their competition by delivering better customer experience. “To achieve this, the fleet operators have to be aware of everything that is going on with their fleet, including driver behavior and vehicle health,” explains Buscalla. Rider safety is also another significant consideration that demands dynamic strategies specific to different use cases. To help such fleet owners, Opentrends offers a seamless flow of data from the vehicle to the user interface with enhanced functionalities, which strengthens a fleet’s predictive analytics and maintenance, thereby making more informed business decisions and delivering gratifying services. Additionally, it also ensures road safety, traffic management, and sustainability.

Delving further, Opentrends now embraces technologies like OBD-II, RV-C, and OPEN XC which helps their clients achieve a competitive position. This, in turn, allows the brand to register driver experiences in real-time and utilizes that information to evolve their future services further. “Working with leading European automakers, we’ve developed our first app in the automotive industry that is supported by CarPlay—an Apple standard that enables a car radio or head unit to be a display and a controller for an iOS device. “The app allows customers to access full vehicle status data with the help of in-built Opentrends’ digital solutions, offering a whole new driving experience,” mentions Buscalla.

What’s more? Opentrends’ robust digital solutions are not only limited to connected cars. The company leverages its extensive experience in IoT to create sustainable cities and enhance the quality of life of citizens. With these goals, Opentrends developed Sentilo—a versatile IoT platform that simplifies the way businesses collect, monitor, analyze, and broadcast the information gathered by sensors and actuators. Going a step higher, Opentrends also offers the platform as an enhanced cloud-based platform, Thingtia. The cloud platform follows a bottom-up approach and runs in an open and scalable architecture, transforming raw information into intuitive and useful data visualization. One of the most distinctive features of Thingtia is its versatility, as it avoids vertical solutions and makes data sharing easier while reducing specific technology, product, and supplier dependency. The world saw its first implementation in Barcelona, where it has a significant impact on transforming the basic city infrastructure, and optimizing energy and resource usage. This instance, indeed, speaks volumes about Opentrends’ mission to reshape the way cities operate.

Moving forward with such pivotal grace, Opentrends aims to further enhance its IoT, AI, and other technological capabilities and achieve an eminent stature in the automotive space, and, by and large, the entire connected technologies realm. The company is taking firm steps to expand its customer base in the U.S. and double its revenue in the coming years. “From the perspective of software development, our main goal is to acquire value in major marketing verticals while maintaining our ability to serve remotely, in a better and cost-effective way for our customers,” concludes Buscalla.
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Palo Alto, CA

Xavi Buscalla, CEO

As a leading organization, Opentrends ensures optimum driving experience to the user and strategizes the right digital solutions to meet the needs of modern users. Its IoT-powered platformThingtia (previously Sentilo) collects, monitors, analyses and broadcasts the information gathered by sensors and actuators. By leveraging a bottom-up approach, Thingtia helps the driver by collecting real-time data and converting them into insights while driving. One of the most distinctive features of Thingtia is that it fits in the architecture of most smart cities that are advocates of openness and interoperability. The globe saw its first implementation in Barcelona, where it has a significant impact on transforming the basic city infrastructure; optimize energy, and resource usage. The company also delivers its expertise to the car manufacturers in the domains of designing and production of the vehicle, infotainment systems, UI and UX, and all the other aspects of artificial intelligence and telematics integrated within the design.


"We specialize in connecting design and technology with digital strategy"

- Xavi Buscalla, CEO

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