DEWETRON: Spearheading the Power Analysis Market

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Christoph Wiedner, Chief Product Officer, DEWETRONChristoph Wiedner, Chief Product Officer
In the pursuit to simplify the driving experience, developments in active safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are items of top concern for vehicle manufacturers. Subsequently, Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems find extremely pertinent applications in the connected car space, to provide security against driver flaws, and a means to diagnose driver behaviors and patterns. In the case of vehicular safety, particularly in the autonomous or connected car scene, the stakes are at their highest, with human life hanging in the balance. As a result, data acquisition systems for collision tests in connected cars are gaining massive traction in the market. The level of precision required in so crucial an application, demands the very best in highly intuitive, end-to-end test and measurement systems, the key estate of Austrian manufacturer, DEWETRON. Established in 1989, the company nips these challenges in the bud with its latest mixed-signal and multi power analyzer DEWE3- PA8.
The analyzer is the perfect replacement for several legacy measurement devices including the temperature and current data logger. Whether its distributed measurement systems for train tests, visualization of vehicle dynamics testing maneuvers, or collection of dynamic characteristics of drive systems, DEWETRON is highly responsive to today’s transportation requirements and is ready for the future demands of the power analysis market. “With our capability to integrate the power analyzer into existing automating systems or test benches, we deliver reliable data directly to the automation system or test controller. It is an essential part of the workers bench environment for the analysis of state-of-the-art electric heaters or hybrid electric vehicles,” explains Christoph Wiedner, Chief Product Officer at DEWETRON.

Besides tracking a vehicle in the lateral control systems’ testing, one of the primary challenges of ADAS testing is precisely measuring relative position and velocity from car to car when testing longitudinal control systems. With its state-of-the-art systems, DEWETRON significantly reduces the number of devices required for collecting information. Being a turn-key solution for analyzing polyphase electric vehicles with a single system having pre-configured measurement systems for polyphase measurements up to 16 power channels, DEWE3-PA8 can do the complete analysis of those components within a single device. DEWETRON has been known for its equipment supplies that provide high precision and comprehensive measurement data, offering manufacturers competitive vehicle data measuring capabilities. As a precision multi power analyzer having the capability of analyzing both analog and digital data, DEWE3- PA8 is the right solution for high-performance power analysis. Being a solution for the simultaneous analysis of several motors, converters or complete drive trains, DEWE3-PA8 is seamlessly integrated into automation systems and test benches with smart interface technology. “DEWE3-PA8 is our next generation power analyzer with mixed-signal capability for high-speed data acquisition and precision power analysis. Our state of the art test and measurement hardware and software, time-saving configuration and operation alongside the realistic test and evaluation helps us increase the overall efficiency and solve customer problems,” asserts Wiedner.

The company provides flexible support processes entirely focused on clients and their unique requirements. With a current presence in Austria, the U.S., and China, the company now aims at expanding its footprint further internationally and strengthen its hold in the U.S. market. More than 30 years of experience and innovative solutions have made DEWETRON a leader in the global market known for its reliability and practical solutions, with more than 20,000 measurement systems and over 300,000 measurement channels in use globally. “We believe in customizing solutions, and for the future in terms of connection of smart parts of the car, we will have a strong focus on ethernet based interfaces for our mesh acquisition systems of the car,” states Wiedner.

"With our capability to integrate the power analyzer into existing automating systems or test benches, we deliver reliable data directly to the automation system or test controller"

- Christoph Wiedner, Chief Product Officer

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